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Part 135 Charter

Our Cessna Citation Charter Jets are operated by professionally trained crews. Weather avoidance radar, along with other state of the art systems, lend to your flight being the safest and most secure. Part 135 charter aircraft are set to the highest standard in the aviation industry and monitored by the FAA. The Cessna Citation Jets are maintained by Cessna Service Center and FAA approved facilities.

All Pilots trained in Flight Safety.



  • Your private jet works around your schedule.
  • We can arrange most domestic flights within 2 hours of departure time.
  • We will arrange your travel to the airport most convenient to you destinations.
  • We are luggage specialists, taking into consideration items such as skis, golf clubs, fishing and hunting gear. Also you will never lose luggage since it travels with you.
  • We are pet friendly. Your pets can fly with you in the comfort of the passenger cabin.
  • We collect flight and passenger information and perform security checks prior to your departure. No waiting in lines.
  • During the flight, you have access to a self-serve galley full of snacks and beverages and can be stocked with your preferences. Catering is also available upon request.
  • Every aircraft has an onboard belted lavatory for your comfort and convenience.
  • We will arrange for all your ground transportation.

Please contact us for any questions regarding our charter service, to receive a quote, or schedule a flight.